Respite Care Maryland Residents Can Count On 

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Constant supervision of an elderly, ill, or disabled person can be daunting. In order to help your loved one and relieve yourself of the burden, consider respite care. Maryland residents trust St. Joseph's Place with the temporary observance of their loved ones. Our small facility allows for the best in patient service and communication, giving us the opportunity to assist both the patient and their families with the best in skilled, daily care. 

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is offered on a temporary basis, allowing usual caregivers temporary relief from duties. It is important that consistent caregivers manage their health and wellness to provide for their loved ones. These short-term breaks give caregivers the ability to regroup and recharge, so they are better equipped to handle their daily responsibilities.

What Does St. Joseph's Place Offer?

St. Joseph's Place offers a reassuring alternative to families searching for options in respite care. Our clients find peace in our small, rural nursing center. We maintain the best in communication, allowing families to experience a smooth transition. Our respite care is an affordable option that serves not only the patient, but the entire family.

If you are exploring respite care options for a dependent elderly, ill, or disabled person in your charge, call St. Joseph's Place to learn more about us. Conveniently located in Emmitsburg, we service both Frederick and Adams counties with a variety of options in respite care. Maryland caregivers deserve occasional relief from their daily responsibilities. Let St. Joseph's Place provide you with the best in quality care for your loved one!

Contact St. Joseph's Place (formerly St. Catherine's Nursing Center) today for the best short term rehabilitation in Frederick County, MD and Adams County, PA!