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This life transition takes lots of preparation and discussion. As you start the admission process, there are some important things for you to consider. For example, whatever decisions are made should include the family member if at all possible.

The new resident should visit St. Joseph's Place (former St. Catherine Nursing Center), enjoy a complimentary meal, have a tour and get a feel for the facility. The criteria for admission begins with an assessment by a physician of a patient's medical and physical requirements. This assessment evaluates your loved one's need for assistance with daily living activities. Once that assessment is complete, then our treatment team reviews the information to see how we can best meet your loved ones needs. In addition, an application must be completed including health care cards, advance directives and biographical information.

To apply for admission, download the form below and email it to our Admissions Coordinator, Allison Brown at or print and fax it to our confidential fax number, 301-447-7015. We want to be with you every step of the way.

FAQ for New Residents and Their Families

  • What is required for an admission to St Joseph's Place?
  • What do we need to do before we come to St. Joseph's Place?
  • May I bring drugs or prescriptions we already have?
  • May I receive telephone service?
  • May I receive a newspaper each morning?
  • I would like my mom to feel comfortable with her surroundings; may I bring in personal mementoes or furniture?
  • May I put up pictures and hook-up my TV?
  • How can I make sure that everything we bring is accounted for?
  • May I leave my car at the front entrance when I am dropping off my mother?
  • Do I need to check in or can I go directly to the unit?
  • Do you have any safety and security practices?
  • Who is responsible for transportation of my father to medical appointments?
  • May I store food in mother's room?

stjosephsministriesSt. Joseph's Place (formerly St. Catherine's Nursing Center) is ranked #9 out of all Maryland facilities for Pay-4-Performance quality care.