Receive Skilled Nursing Care In Our Maryland Nursing Home

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Dependability and high-level care are the cornerstones that families look for when they seek out a nursing home. Maryland seniors have found the best in quality care and companionship at St. Joseph's Place, located in Emmitsburg, MD. Our skilled nursing care options allow for the highest level of care and can be offered on either a long- or short-term basis.

St. Joseph's Place operates with a 106-bed capacity in a spiritually centered nursing care center that provides the best in holistic care. Patients are able to take advantage of 24-hour nursing care, rehabilitation, restorative and palliative care, and pain management. We maintain close relationships with hospitals, which enables patients to easily transfer from hospitals to our skilled nursing care facilities. Our patients appreciate our acute level of care and trust our staff with a variety of rehabilitation needs.

One of the best assets of St. Joseph's Place is the relationship we build with residents and their families. We are a small, rural nursing home. Maryland families know that the personal relationships we foster provide the best in care and communication, allowing families to operate in the best interests of their relatives and provide a smooth transition home. If you are ready to learn more about the skilled nursing care options available to your loved one, call St. Joseph's Place in Emmitsburg, MD. 

Contact St. Joseph's Place (formerly St. Catherine's Nursing Center) today for the best short term rehabilitation in Frederick County, MD and Adams County, PA!